June 16, 2016

The PERFECT Activities to Leave for Substitutes


There is no doubt that it can be difficult to leave content-focused, engaging activities for your students when you will be out. You wonder if the topics will be taught effectively or if you will have to reteach when you get back. You wonder if the students will be on task without you being there to redirect them. Regardless of the reason, when we are out we need content-rich, meaningful activities/lessons for our students so that we don’t lose precious time. We all know time is limited and we need to use it wisely.
I’m also going to guess that you are like me and we usually need to pull something together quickly.
When I need focused, engaging, purposeful activities, I pull out science and social studies scavenger hunts, review BINGO, and “I Have, Who Has?” games.

Easy prep. Full of content. Completely fun and engaging for students. Win-win-win. They even go seamlessly together if you want to combine them.



Using these activities has given me confidence that my students are still learning the content they need to know while I’m away and they are super easy to prep. Side note: The holiday activities are PERFECT for parties!
Check out some of the most popular ones!





And so many more!!!
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Clipart by Ron Leishman
Cover Photo by Z is for Zebra

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