June 4, 2016

The GREATEST Website for Highly Engaging Current Event Articles (IMO)

Many teachers have an interest in getting their students to read and respond to current event articles. I think that’s why Studies Weekly magazines are so popular. But what if you could engage your students by letting them choose topics of their own interests, while still accomplishing the goals of getting them to read carefully and respond appropriately?

When I created science and social studies templates for current event articles, I needed a great kid-friendly source with articles that would peak their interest. I wanted my students to be able to choose articles that they were excited to read and write about.


A website called, DOGO News, was just what I was looking for. The website continuously produces high interest articles that even I find fascinating. The best part is that it is geared toward kids, so you don’t have to worry about the content. Please know that I discovered this website on my own and have not been asked to promote them. I just genuinely think it rocks and so do my students.

Seriously though, go to DOGO News and briefly scan the articles. I can just about guarantee you will be excited to share this with your students.

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