August 12, 2015

10 Reasons to Open Shop on TPT (and stick with it!)

Perhaps you've been a buyer on Teachers Pay Teachers for a while now, and you're thinking... "I could probably make some money doing that." Or maybe you've just discovered that there are sellers making millions of dollars and that REALLY got you interested. I've heard several people say, "It would be nice to just cover my Starbucks throughout the week." What are you waiting for?! You really won't know until you try, so start learning about becoming a TPT seller. Here are 10 reasons why you may never regret opening shop on TPT.

10. You can work whenever you want.
      Seriously. Put in the hours (or sometimes minutes due to our busy lives) when
      it works for you and your family. Of course, the more time you put in, the more
      likely you are to achieve your goals.
9.   Your own students will probably thank you.
      I love to use products I've made at home in my classroom. My students don't 
      realize that I've made some of the fun activities they use, but they sure do enjoy
8.   You'll be part of an amazing community of people and can potentially make
      some friendships around the world.
      Connecting with other educators and sellers is one of the great perks. As you
      virtually meet new people, you can learn so much. I've found that TPT sellers are
      usually so willing to connect, share, give guidance, and support each other.
7.   You will develop your craft as you go!
       I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I started! I took the time to read blog
       posts, scour the TPT sellers forum, ask questions, and eventually I started to get 
       the hang of it. If you put the necessary time and energy into learning what
       makes your products and creativity different from others, you will hopefully find
       your niche and run with it!
6.    You might just get paid while you sleep.
       Waking up to sales that you made throughout the night can be so exciting! 
       Does it take time to get there? Yes. Is it worth every minute? Yes!
5.    You can start for free!
       You will hear mixed thoughts on whether or not to pay the premium
       membership right away, but if you just want to get your feet wet and have time
       to figure it out first, start with the free membership. As you start to create
       products and make sales, upgrade when you're ready. I am glad I upgraded
       early, but then again, I worked very hard right off the bat and wanted to see
       the fruits of my labor (you'll keep more of your earnings with the premium
4.    The "CHA-CHING" sound will NEVER get old!
       If you have the TPT app on your electronic device, you will hear this sound when
       you make a sale. Sometimes it decides not to work, but it can seriously make
       your day!
3.    Enjoy the snowball effect.
       Once you post a product, it is part of your store unless you decide otherwise. As 
       you work to build products, your store grows and hopefully becomes more
       profitable all the time. Revisions and updates are often necessary, but it is very
       gratifying to watch your store develop. The more products you have available,
       the more potential you have to make money.
2.    A year (or 2) from now, you will probably look at your storefront in amazement.
       As mentioned above, with hard work, your store will grow. At the beginning, it all
       seems so daunting. Once you get in a rhythm, you build products as often as
       you can. Before you know it, you will be proud of your hard work!
1.    Your dreams just might become reality.
       Remember how I said some people dream of paying for their coffee? Perhaps
       your dreams are bigger. Imagine being able to cover your car payment.
       Bigger? How about your mortgage, kids daycare, etc.? Dream big, and then
       dream bigger as you work hard and make TPT a part of your life.

I hope you found this post helpful or at least somewhat interesting! If you decide to open shop, I would love to be your "referral!" Just post the link below in the address bar when you sign up. TPT offers seller incentives for helping to bring others on board (at no cost to you)!
Good luck in your future endeavors!