June 14, 2016

5 Perks When Your Children Attend Your Elementary School

Let’s be honest. Many of us became teachers partially because it is a career that allows us some perks with our own offspring. We love teaching "other people's kids," but our own children are our world. I don’t even care when people give me grief for having holidays and summers off because, DUH!... I knew what I was doing when I chose this career! I fully intended on having summers off with my kids and soaking up as much fun as possible with them. My internal (and sometimes external) response to the negative comments is, “Don’t be mad because you didn’t think of it too!” J
I can’t wait until my kids actually attend the school in which I teach 5th grade. My oldest is almost there! Many of my teacher friends are greatly enjoying watching their kids progress through the elementary years under their personal supervision. Of course there are also some downsides to having your kids at work, but I’ll just focus on the positives for today.
Perk #1: Coverage
Depending on your team (mine is incredible), you can cover for each other when something comes up. When your child has a special presentation, they want you to come to their Valentine’s Day party, or they are having a meltdown because they lost their favorite pencil… okay maybe not so much the last one.

Perk #2: Their Teachers
You have a “behind-the-scenes” look at your children’s future teachers AND you can usually pick them. We know our kids’ best and worst attributes, and we can generally tell which teacher is going to suit them best.
Perk #3: Forgetfulness
Our children will forget things. Important things. Like the field trip form they forgot to give you and it is due TODAY. No biggie… you can save the day without having to get permission to leave work and haul across town to get to your kid’s school with the slip in hand.

Perk #4: Being a Chaperone
You know your kid’s teacher will let you have your pick of the best trip of the year….

Perk #5: What’s my kid eating?
Walk through the cafeteria at any given time and you’ll see it. Kids go through the lunch line, get a hot dog, chips, and ice cream. Their parents have no idea that’s what they are eating every day. Or, they come with a fabulous home lunch, eat 3 bites, and then throw the rest away. I’m TOTALLY going to find ways to spy on my kids eating lunch every now and then. Or at least ask the aides in the cafeteria if my kids are eating the food I give them!
Perhaps your kids are currently or have previously attended your school? Please comment and share some of the other perks you’ve experienced OR some downsides!

Clipart by Ron Leishman
Cover Photo by Z is for Zebra

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